Finnish player wins record jackpot at PAF Casino

There are not many online gambling operators out there who can brag about donating all the profits to paf-casino-logocharity, so PAF Casino is indeed special.

The problem with these kinds of businesses ladbrokes casino is that they also need to deliver the best user experience and to provide players with the incentive to play along.

Doing the right thing and having all the losses directly to those who are in dire need of help is refreshing but can only be used as an incentive and will never be the driving force behind online gambling.

PAF Casino has emerged as a great place to play over the Internet and the fact that it has been around for decades only adds to its prestige. Nowadays when slot machines with progressive jackpots are the gold standard and nobody would settle for anything less, it makes perfect sense for them to introduce such games. These titles are not exactly a novelty here and it was only a matter of time until somebody would win a huge amount.

Not surprisingly, a Finnish woman was the one to claim a jackpot exceeding €780,000, while playing the ever popular Arabian nights slot machine. The online casino is based in Finland and caters mostly for local players, so it was only natural for a citizen to claim the jackpot.

She resides in Helsinki and didn’t invest more than €5 per spin when she happened to hit the winning combination and was left speechless to discover that she was almost a millionaire.

As it always happens, the winner couldn’t believe her eyes and it took her a while to process the information and except reality. Winning almost $1 million is a life-changing experience and the fact that she was only a casual player says a great deal about this event.

These online casino games featuring jackpots of any sorts are closely resembling lottery, because participants are invited to invest a small amount for the chance of winning a huge sum.

Only time will tell what she will choose to do with the money recently won, but with Christmas just around the corner, it goes without saying that presents are in order.

She plans on playing slot machines in the future, in the same casual manner and her example could inspire other players to open an account with PAF Casino.

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